Tank Barge Near Coswig Refloated


On February 7, a tanker barge was refloated after it was disabled to a rudder failure in the Elbe canal.

What happened?

The barge ‘Tola’ was rendered disabled due to a rudder failure and ran aground. The barge was scheduled to be refloated. The barge ‘Jowi’ reportedly pushed the barge ‘Tola’ out of the way after it ran aground at SouthEast in Coswig.

Traffic affected

Due to the grounding of the vessel and subsequent refloating, the traffic on the Elbe highway was affected.

The preparations for the lightering operation were completed only in the afternoon of Feb 7 as the “Jowi” first had to unload its own cargo of urea in the port of Roßlau.

Meanwhile, the cargo of the “Talo” was pumped over within one hour and then the disabled ship was taken alongside towards Roßlau.

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Source: MZ-Web


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