Tanker Broke Lose and Destroyed Pier


On July 2, a tanker broke away from its moorings and collide with a pier in the municipality of Salina Cruz.

What happened?

The tanker ‘Fedor’ allided with the pier 9 of the Operations and Maritime Terminal of Pemex in Oaxaca in the municipality of Salina Cruz.

The tanker was involved in hydrocarbon loading operation when it suffered a crack in the vessel which caused the spillage of fuel. The ship was dented and its starboard side was breached.

Breaks away

The tanker was moored at the dock while loading fuel when a sudden change in wind speed caused the ropes to break and the ship broke loose. The impact caused damages to the pier 9 with hoses, as well as fuel supply pipes being destroyed.

Measures to contain oil spill

The Pemex personnel hatched an emergency plan and laid out absorbent materials in the area to prevent the spreading of fuel outside the cargo area of ​​the dock.

Fortunately, no one were injured during the allision incident and an investigation has been launched to assess the damage sustained by the pier.

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Source: NSS Oaxaca


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