There is Such a Thing as an Annual Bulk Wine Conference


World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) in Netherlands:

Astonishing it may sound, but sources revealed that the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) shall be held on November 26 and 27 in the Netherlands. With 180 vineyards and extremely active wine shipping ports in the country, Netherlands have made Dutch wine a strong growing branch of Dutch agriculture.

A trip to the beginning:

During its initial days, WBWE was an important event just for Wine brokers and wine producers who supplied bulk product. But, these days, small scale wine producers, along with some importers and exporters utilise the opportunity of understanding the market scenario of wine by analysing and conversing with big fish of the industry.

Market Shifting:

The bulk wine market is now shifting from the market to online exchanges. This is because the wine market was slowly disintegrated to requirement-feeding segments.

Holding to ship in bulk tanks and then bottling out the wine to its destination has been a recent practice that was a result of WBWE. Due to the compactness and eco-friendly quality of this procedure, it has become a well-accepted practice. Moreover, it retains the quality of the wine during shipment. Methods of preserving products in huge quantity are also getting improvised day by day.

Wine growth:

WBWE’s Bulk Wine Club confirms almost 5% and nearly 10% growth of bulk wine shipments in terms of volume and value in the beginning quarter of this year. This constitutes 40% of the total wine exported worldwide, valued at nearly $3 billion.

The reason for surplus quantity of wine at cheaper rate on the retail shelf takes us to the superior position of Spain as compared to Italy, as far as the position of bulk exporting countries is concerned.

In Terms of Growth:

Like all other industries, the bulk wine shipping market also has its own interplay of ups and downs. US imports from Argentina and Australia dropped and have eventually lead to losses of around 50% for both the countries.

The basic difference that marks the bulk product blending from the products supplied to wine clubs is lies in the labels on bottles. While “Produced and Bottled by” marks the wine for wine clubs, “Bottled by” indicates bulk products.

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Source: Forbes


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