Trump Rolls Out New Travel Ban! What’s New?



On Monday, President Donald Trump signed a new version of his controversial travel ban, aiming to withstand court challenges while still barring new visas for citizens from six Muslim-majority countries and shutting down the U.S. refugee program.

Effect from March 16:

The new ban, which takes effect March 16, also explicitly exempts citizens of the six banned countries who are legal US permanent residents or have valid visas to enter the US, including those whose visas were revoked during the original implementation of the ban, senior administration officials said.

Trump privately signed the new order Monday while Tillerson, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Attorney General Jeff Sessions formally unveiled the new edict.


Move to combat terror:

A spokesman for the government of Iraq said the revised ban sends a “positive message” about the future of bilateral relations as the two countries work to combat the Islamic State group.

Saad al-Hadithi added that the decision to revise the ban shows that there is a “real partnership” between Washington and Baghdad.

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Source: NBC Chicago


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