Tugs Assist Stranded Container Ships


On May 13, a container ship required tow assistance after it suffered an engine failure and starting running adrift.

What happened?

The container ship ‘Kubilai Khan’ ran into engine failure and started drifting towards north of Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

The captain of the vessel requested assistance from the Marine Rescue centre which promptly dispatched the search and rescue tug ‘Miguel de Cervantes’ to assist the stranded vessel.

Tug tows vessel to safety

The tug was able to successfully tow the container ship to Las Palmas and it is docked at the port for repairs.

Stranded ship towed

In another incident, engine trouble was also the cause of a stranded ship blocking the Egyptian port of Damietta on May 12, 2018. The Hapag-Lloyd’s large container ship ‘Frankfurt Express’ ran into trouble while manoeuvring in the harbour, blocking quaysides and navigation channels.

The port tugs were again successful in moving the vessel away from trouble and out of the way from other ships. Crew were able to repair the engine failure and resume the voyage to Spain.

The salvage and port tugs demonstrated their ability to avert serious maritime accidents through the towage of two container ships and one general cargo vessel.

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Source: Tug Technology and Business


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