Tugs Rescue Ferry and Two Cargo Ships


On May 26, a couple of tugs were dispatched to rescue two merchant ships and a passenger vessel stranded in the Atlantic ocean.

What happened?

In the first incident a passenger ferry ‘Ava Pearl’ lost its power and was stranded off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, in northeast US with 75 passengers on board the vessel.

On the request of the Captain from the ferry, a tug ‘Sirius’ was deployed and towed the stranded ferry to Vineyard Haven, where the passengers disembarked. The cause of the outage is under investigation.

Second incident

In another incident, a bulk carrier ‘Stellar Samba’ loaded with ore caught fire in the generator due to an oil leak. The fire was brought under control by its crew members but the ship was disabled.

A tug was contracted to assist the stranded and disabled ship. It was a very large ore carrier that was driven to safety.

Third incident

In the third incident, a cargo ship ‘Spaarnegracht’ required assistance after it suffered an engine failure while sailing north of the Azores. It was on a voyage from Husum, Sweden to Baltimore, US.

A tug ‘Dian Kingdom’ was deployed to tow Spaarnegracht to safety.

Fourth incident

A fire broke out on offshore drilling rig ‘Majestic offshore Nigeria’ and around 100 workers, who were working on a ConOil oil field in waters of Koluama, off Bayelsa State, were evacuated from the Depthwize Nigeria-operated rig.

The fire was brought under control by fire-fighters, but the rig was severely damaged.

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Source: Tug Technology & Business


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