Vessel Collides with Tank Barge


On July 6, a vessel collide with a tank barge off the Beatrix Port in Werkendam.

What happened?

The vessel ‘Partner’ was on its way to New Merwede when it collided in a collision with a tank barge off the Beatrix Port in Werkendam.

The vessel ‘Partner’ suffered a breach above the water line while the tank barge was loaded with gas oil and Xylen when it collide with the vessel and sustained bow damage.

Tugs dispatched

The tugs ‘KNRM Dorrecht’ and ‘KBW 1910‘ were dispatched to scene of the collision. The fireboat Zuid-Holland-Zuid, Rijkswaterstaat with the patrol boat ‘RWS 71’ and the anti pollution forces of HEBO were alerted in case of an oil spill.

Investigation launched

The ‘KBW 1910‘ and the fire rescue remained on site until both ships were berthed in Werkendam. The Rijkswaterstaat port officials and the police have launched an investigation to determine the events leading to collision.

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Source: ZHZ Actueel


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