[Watch] Collapsing Gantry Crane Just Missed Repair Ship


On January 3, a collapsing gantry crane reportedly missed crashing into a ship that was in repair due to strong winds.

What happened?

The gantry crane was stationed across the drydock in the Damen Shipyard, Schiedam, when it collapsed due to extreme storm winds. It missed the ship under repair ‘Aeolus’ which was under conversion at the yard since August 2017.

None injured:

Fortunately none were injured during the accident and the extremely strong winds caused the crane to topple and fall over in the port, despite the fact it was properly secured and put on the brakes for the expected storm.

Major damage averted:

A large scale damage was averted because the crane reportedly fell forward. If it had fell backwards then it would have fallen on the turbine installation vessel which is presently being upgraded at Damen.

The port officials are assessing the damage caused by the crane and are currently being assisted by Mammoet Salvage, in the removal of the crane.

It is expected to take another year until Damen reaches its present rate of activity again, and extra lifting capacity will be now covered by rental cranes.

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Source: Heavy Lift News, Richard Krabbendam on YouTube


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