[Watch] Desperation Strikes a Wounded Ship in Deleted Scene of The Finest Hours


[Watch] Coast Guard Rescue of Merchant Mariners Trapped on the Tanker – The Finest Hours

Watch an exclusive look at a scene that was cut from the final version of the movie “The Finest Hours”.

The movie is based on a true story, the film chronicles the 1952 Coast Guard rescue of merchant mariners trapped on the tanker the SS Pendelton after a nor’easter rips the ship in half.

In this sequence, Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck), the senior officer aboard the still-floating back half of the vessel, describes a plan to create a makeshift steering mechanism that could help guide the wreckage closer to shore.

His crew, meanwhile, tries to plug a massive crack in the hull of the ship using a number of tarps, but … well, you’ll see how that turns out.

Keep in mind, this scene was deleted from the final film, so it remains unfinished, with rain effects missing from the deck shots and pre-viz computer animation standing in for the massive wave that rocks the Pendeleton.

In a fight against impossible odds for survival, sometimes even the small efforts to prevail can provide a little bit of hope.

But when those efforts are swiftly dashed apart, extinguishing that glimmer, the result only magnifies the desperation.

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