[Watch] Massive Tanker Runs Aground in NC and Kept Going


On November 5, a two and a half minute video footage was released after a vessel reportedly ran aground near North Carolina.

What happened?

The short viral video shows the vessel running aground in North Carolina’s Cape Fear River has become one of the hottest regional posts on Facebook, with 65,000 views since Sunday.

The viral video was posted by a news site and was recorded by a security camera on someone’s backyard.

The vessel ran aground after encountering propulsion issues and all the crew members onboard the vessel were safe. The vessel was found moving past a backyard swing set and pier before hitting land. However, the engine continued to drive the ship forward and started to spin completely around.

Fishing vessel has a close shave:

During the incident, a person in a small fishing boat timely scrambled out of the vessel’s path and a has close shave since the small fishing boat came a little too close to being smacked by the larger ship.

The vessel was successfully refloated and no pollution to the environment was reported.

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Source: The Charlotte Observer


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