[Watch] One Injured in Explosion on Tanker in Rotterdam


On October 19, a crew member was injured aboard a tanker after it was rocked by an explosion caused to a fire.

What happened?

The explosion occurred onboard the tanker ‘Atlantic Symphony’ after a fire erupted when it was berthed at the Koole Terminal in the industrial area Vondelingenplaat in Rotterdam. The tanker was filled with a cargo of coconut oil and is suspected to be cause of fire.

Smoke clouds:

Flames upto a height of 50 meters and smoke clouds were seen as far as from the Maas lock, Vlaardingen and Schiedam. A crew member was injured after he reportedly slipped and fell from another part of the deck.

He was treated for his injuries by the ambulance staff before being taken to the hospital. A number of fire engines, tugs and fire boats were deployed to the scene and brought the fire under control.

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Source: RTV Rijnmond



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