[Watch] Passenger Ship Damaged by Drifting Ark in Urk


On January 3, a passenger’s vessel was reportedly damaged when a drifting ark allided with it due to strong winds.

What happened?

The passenger vessel ‘De Zuiderzee’ suffered significant damages to its hull after a 70 metre replica of the Ark allided with it. The replica of the ark reportedly broke away from its away from its mooring due to the storm Burglind. The ark was pulled out of the quayside and was pushed by wind forces of 11 Beaufort through the small port.

Initially, the ark allided with the passenger vessel whose hull was significantly damaged and its hull was dented along its whole length. Furthermore, the ark drifted further and slammed into the floating piers with pleasure boats causing large scale devastation.

Passengers rescued:

Seven people out of which five were guest for a bible exhibition onboard the ark and had to be rescued by a couple of lifeboats belonging to KNRM. The ark was finally brought under control and was pulled back to its berth for further survey.

Fortunately, none were injured during the incident and no pollution to the environment was reported. However, an investigation has been initiated to assess the damage caused the vessel.

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Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad on YouTube


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