[Watch] Plane Skids Off Runway and Hangs Off Cliff


On January 13, a commercial plane narrowly missed plunging into the Black Sea after reportedly skidding off a runway.

What happened?

The commercial plane ‘Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800’ had a narrow escape after it reportedly skid off a runway in Trabzon province, Turkey. The plane was landing on the airport runway when the incident occurred.

The photo show the plane lying at a steep angle on the embankment with its nose staring down the shore of the sea. If it had skid a few more then it would have definitely landed up inside the Black Sea.

Miraculous escape:

The 162 passengers and six crew members onboard the plane had a miraculous escape and were safely evacuated from the plane.

A passenger quoted, “It’s a miracle we escaped. We could have burned, exploded, flown into the sea. Thank God for this. I feel like I’m going crazy when I think about it”.

Another passenger said, “We swerved all of a sudden. The front of the plane crashed and the back was in the air. Everyone panicked”.

Investigation launched:

An investigation has reportedly been launched into the incident to determine how the plane skid off the runway. The operations in the Trabzon Airport were reportedly halted for sometime due to the incident and finally resumed its routine activities on January 14.

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Source: NY Daily News


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