[Watch] Shipping Must Improve Navigation Safety


The ship operators have been continuously warned to take necessary measures to prevent ships from grounding or colliding due to errors in navigation. Shipping companies have been advised to do more to ensure bridge teams follow guidelines and use electronic navigation devices effectively to prevent accidents.

Increase in accidents:

A recent accident report has highlighted many mistakes which resulted in the vessel being damaged and the marine environment being affected.

Over the years, there have been too many examples of bridge teams demonstrating that they are not using electronic navigation equipment effectively.

Few incidents highlighted based on the report:

The latest examples come courtesy of the UK government’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch and its report into the grounding of bulk carrier Muros off the Norfolk coast and a CMA CGM container ship in Southampton.

ECDIS ignored:

  • MAIB wrote that the crew on Muros ignored ECDIS safeguards and overlooked user guidelines from the manufacturers. They set an unsafe passage plan on ECDIS and followed it into a sand bank in December 2016.
  • In August 2016, CMA CGM Vasco de Gama struck a sandbank in Southampton, despite the presence of two pilots on board, because of the ineffective use of ECDIS, pilot portable devices and poor communications.

Misuse of ECDIS and poor navigation safety highlighted in accident reports must be just the tip of an iceberg in terms of whole shipping fleets.

Need to adhere to proper standards:

Shipping companies must improve their navigational safety records, double check that ECDIS is setup properly and constantly updated. They should ensure bridge teams know how to use the equipment properly to set safe voyage plans and execute them. Officers must be taught to not ignore safety alarms and navigate their ships safely to prevent more accidents.

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Source: Marine Electronics & Communications


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