[Watch] Stricken Boxship Taken Under Tow


The stricken boxship was reportedly towed to the port with the help of tugs after it was ravaged by fire.

What happened?

The stricken boxship ‘MOL Prestige’ was towed to port after it was disabled following a fire which erupted from the vessel’s engine room. The vessel was disabled on February 1 after an engine fire and was drifting some 207 nautical miles south-west of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

The vessel was enroute from Port of Vancouver to Port of Tokyo when the incident occurred.

Injured airlifted

Three crew members who were injured during the fire were airlifted for medical treatment. The other crew members with help of port officials were able to extinguish the fire.

A tug ‘Denise Foss’ arrived at the location and reportedly towed the vessel to Constance Bank anchorage and the extent of the damage is being assessed.

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Source: World Maritime News


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