[Watch] Typhoon Causes Fuel Tanker Bridge Clash in Japan


A fuel tanker collided with a bridge linking the Osaka Kansai airport with the Japanese mainland.

What happened?

On September 4, the Typhoon Jebi touted to be the strongest storm faced by the country in 25 years battered Japan while it made landfall.

Due to strong winds, a tanker ship collided into a bridge linking the Osaka Kansai airport with the Japanese mainland.

Caught on cam

The incident which has been caught on camera, shows the tanker weighing more than 2,500 tons colliding into the bridge with full force due to which the bridge was damaged.

Due to the collision incident, the crew members onboard the vessel sustained injuries.

Typhoon wrecks havoc

Further inland, the airport itself was hit with a deluge of rainfall, and its runways were totally submerged and all flights have been suspended.

At least one person has been killed and several others injured as Jebi brought violent winds to the west of the country. Meteorological agencies have warned about the danger of landslides, flooding, high tides and tornadoes.

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Source: RT


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