[Watch] How a Dog Befriended a Dolphin?


An article published in Mamamia reports the magical moment between a curious Labrador and a playful dolphin in an Aussie creek.

Black Labrador and Dolphin

Adelaide resident Billie-Michelle Eastwood was walking along the Patawalonga Creek in the waterside suburb of Glenelg when she saw a black Labrador swimming with a dolphin.

The entire incident was caught on camera.

The video begins with the dog and the dolphin swimming together before the dolphin starts to jump out of the water, around the dog.

Someone’s Black Labrador hopped into the Patawalonga Creek in Glenelg SA last night and found himself playing around with one of the dolphins! Was incredible to watch,” she wrote in her caption.

Dolphin watching

The area of Glenelg is well known for its dolphin watching, with many cruises and dolphin swimming sessions in operation year round.

The name of the dog is not known or whether this is the first time this adorable, cross-species friendship has happened but people anticipate for another play date between these unlikely pals.

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Source: Mamamia



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