Wheelhouse Lost in Allision with Bridge


On May 28, a barge allided with a bridge located on the Rhine river and destroyed a wheelhouse due to the impact.

What happened?

The barge ‘Actief’ was enroute from Rotterdam when it allided with the Albert Schweitzer Bridge in Alphen situated on the Rhine river.

The impact of the allision resulted in the destruction of a wheelhouse and the rescue services in the vicinity were alerted.

No casualties

The rescue services arrived on site, and the fire brigade boarded the barge with a ladder, but it turned out that none of the two crew members were injured.

The bridge was assessed for any damages but it was not damaged due to the allusion and hence it remained open for traffic.

An investigation has been launched into the incident, but it seemed likely that the unloaded ship was higher in the water than estimated.

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Source: NU


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