Yet Another Viking Cruise Incident – This Time It Crashes into Oil Tanker


A Viking Cruises ship carrying 171 passengers was badly damaged after it crashed into an oil tanker, reports Business Insider.

What happened?

A Viking Cruises ship and a petroleum tanker collided near the Netherlands on Monday.

The Idun was carrying 171 passengers and 44 crew members at the time of the accident.

Viking Cruises said that none of the passengers were injured, and would like to return the ship to service in a couple of days.

Damage from the collision

Five people from the Viking ship reportedly received minor injuries from the collision. No one on the petroleum tanker was injured. Both ships were reportedly damaged from the collision.

The Idun cruise ship experienced serious damage to its bow, and the collision ripped a large hole in the tanker’s hull. Fortunately, the damage was above the water line, which means no oil leak is expected.

“While damage of the ship is being assessed, guests will continue with a modified version of the itinerary,” the company said.

Revisite to previous viking horror

A Viking Cruises ship stalled off the coast of Norway last month because of a lack of oil. The vessel was battered with bad weather.

The 1373 passengers were thrown around the ship, with doors smashing and furniture crashing into people.

A rescue operation evacuated over 400 passengers from the ship before it returned to shore and an investigation was launched.

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Source: Business Insider


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