You Don’t Want that Falling on Your Roof!


On March 28, the beach goers witnessed an enormous boat which appeared to hover over the house rooftops.

What happened?

The photographs taken by the beachgoers in Blyth, Northumberland showed a huge vessel appearing to hover above the homes located in the area.

After further sightings, it was revealed that the huge vessel ‘GMS Endeavour’ cover in orange and white paint was a self-propelled and self-elevating jack-up barge.

Features of the vessel

The vessel is based in Northeast and has a capability to provide accomodation for around 142 people who are working in the North Sea or involved working in the oil rigs. The vessel is also equipped with a 230 ft crane which enables it to operate in water depths of 213 ft.

Eerie pictures

The pictures of the vessel appearing to be floating out at sea off the coast of Blyth were a result of the angle in which it was captured that made it seem look much closer than anticipated.

One local even managed to take a photograph of the jack-up barge appearing to hover ominously above the row of seaside houses.

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Source: Dailymail


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