Towing Line Convolved at Propeller of a Cargo Ship



The towing line convolved at propeller of the general cargo ship “Captain Joy” in Port of Burgas, Bulgaria.

The vessel was under tow to leave the port, but the released ропе was not retracted fast enough and went to the propeller.  The crew reacted immediately and stopped the engine, preventing more sufficient damages to the vessel’s propulsion system, but the line convolved at the propeller.

The general cargo ship “Captain Joy” was towed to the anchorage off Port of Burgas, for underwater inspection by divers, who will release the rope.  The local authorities have ordered a special survey and inspection of the vessel before it can be released for service.

The investigation for the root cause of the accident is under way.  The vessel was maneuvering to leave Port of Burgas en route to Varna, but will delay from the schedule. There were no reported injuries and water pollution.  According to preliminary information, the propeller was not damaged during the incident.

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Source: Turkish Maritime