100 Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry – uncovers Lloyds List!


The Sixth Edition of the Lloyd’s List reveals the 100 influential people in the shipping industry.

Lloyds List

Here is the first top 10 influential people of the Shipping Industry:

  1. Nils Andersen, Soren Skou & Kim Fejfer from Maersk Group
  2. Ali Al-Naimi from Saudi Arabia
  3. Xu Lirong from China Shipping Group And Expected Head Of Consolidated COSCO China Shipping
  4. John Fredriksen from SEATANKERS
  5. John Angelicoussis from Angelicoussis Shipping Group
  6. Aponte family  from Mediterranean Shipping CO
  7. Stephen Males, Justice of the High Court
  8. Howard Marks from Oaktree
  9. The Ghost Of Dry Bulk Future.
  10. Paddy Rodgers from EuroNav

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Source: Maritime Cyprus