’13-year-old Boss’ Asserts Ownership of Company, Pays Employees


A video of a 13-year-old boy in China telling his teacher that he runs a tech company has trended on Chinese social media. The boy also revealed that his company has 5 to 6 employees and he even pays salaries to the staff, reports Money Control.

13-year-old boss

The viral video posted by the teacher surnamed Bai, shows her assigning homework exercises asking students to write a summary on a classmate they see as accomplished and successful.

The teacher was surprised when some students chose a classmate they said already runs a company.

Bai asked the students, “I heard that one of you is a boss who owns a company. Who is that?” Everyone turned to a bespectacled teenage boy wearing a facial mask.

It’s you, Boss Chen,” the teacher told the boy. “What kind of business is your company engaged in?

The boy revealed that he has an “Internet technology” company and has five to six employees. He also shared that he pays his staff. “How outstanding you are!” the teacher said.

The video has amassed over 26 million views on Douyin and has left many social media users wondering how a minor can run a business. In China, a person must be 18 or above to own a business.

He is definitely not the legal head of a company, and it’s impossible for him to be that. We are still trying to get more details,” South China Morning Post quoted a school spokesperson as saying. The school is further probing the boy’s claims following the video becoming viral.

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Source: Money Control