18 Containers Were Lost In A Stormy Sea


On May 29, at least 18 containers containing processed rubberwood were washed overboard from the container barge NAMTHONG 27 in Thailand’s Petra Marine Park in Satun province as reported by Maritime Bulletin. 

Hurricane raging

The caravan was caught in a hurricane raging in the Andaman sea while en route from Kantang port in Trang to Penang, Malaysia, hauled by tug FORTUNE II (no data found), managed by YKP Ocean Line Company.

5 containers were discovered on a beach on Koh Sarai, off the coast of mainland Satun, while 8 more were discovered by fishermen off the coast of Malaysia’s Langawi island. Two tugboats from YKP Ocean Line Company have already been despatched to help the convoy.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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