19 Evacuated to Safety as Ship Went up in Flames Near Indonesia



On Thursday, a General cargo ship caught fire off Maselembo Islands in Indonesia and all 19 seafarers got safely evacuated.  The ship was enroute to Makassar from Jakarta, South Sulawesi, when it caught fire.

Reports say that the fire might have started in the engine room and could have spread throughout the 2006-built ship.  The national search and rescue agency (Basarnas) rushed to the scene to evacuate all crew members.  The ship sank despite all efforts to put down the fire failed.

Reports say that one crewmember needed medical attention for fire injuries and was sent to Surabaya for medical treatment, whereas the remaining crew members got examined and taken to Tanjung Perak.

“Thank God , they are all safe. There is no loss of life,” said Marzuki, a spokesman to the Tanjung Perak port administration.

Source: Antara News


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