2 Light Vessels Sink At Sea, Crew Rescued Alive


According to an article published in Maritime Bulletin, two ships sank off Bangladesh waters.

What happened?

On August 15, two lighter ships sank in Cre waters near Hatiya island. The ships MV AKHTER BANU-1 and MV CITY-14 were both in load.

MV CITY-14 was loaded with some 2,000 tons of raw sugar, and all its 12 crew members rescued.

13 crew members missing rescued

MV AKHTER BANU-1 was loaded with some 2,000 tons of wheat. The 13 crew members onboard the vessel were initially reported missing. The search is on for the missing crew members. They were rescued alive from the Nijhum Island area at around 10:00 am on Sunday morning with the help of a fishing trawler.

Both ships, like all other lighter ships in Bangladesh, aren’t registered in international registries or databases.

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Source: MaritimeBulletin


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