20 Container Vessels Ordered for Wan Hai Lines


To improve its company’s fleet improvement plan, Wan Hai Lines has confirmed an order of 20 container vessels with JMU (Japan Marine United Corporation) and GWS (Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co., Ltd) / CSTC (China Shipbuilding Trading Company, Limited).

Contract signed

On November 12, the contract signing ceremony to procure the new vessels was held at Wan Hai Lines’ Taipei headquarter.

The contract includes eight (8) 3036Teu container vessels with JMU and twelve (12) 2038Teu container vessels with GWS /CSTC. At the same time, Wan Hai has the option to declare an additional four(4) 3036Teu vessels within 6 months and four(4) 2038Teu vessels within 3 months. These two new vessel types will start taking delivery in end October 2020 and early January 2021 respectively.

Fleet renewal plan

As of now, Wan Hai Lines operates a fleet of 72 owned vessels and 24 chartered vessels. This new shipbuilding contract is the company’s latest plan towards fleet renewal, so as to ensure that the company’s vessel fleet is able to maintain competitiveness and support continuous market development. Eventually, the company hopes to deliver better service quality to its customers by more efficient vessel fleet.

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Source: Wan Hai Lines Ltd


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