20 Stress Busters for Your Life


Stress busters like deep breath, walk, meditation, yoga, candle-lit baths and lavish spa treatments make you calm and lighten your mood.


Stress and anxiety have become so commonplace that it is becoming a way of modern life.  A certain amount of stress and anxiety is normal for work and home.  However, it becomes a point of concern when it starts impacting the happiness and the ability to enjoy our lives with our loved ones.  It may lead to many types of diseases and afflictions of the body along with the mind.  So, it is very important for everybody to get familiar with ways to reduce our overall, or momentary, stress.

Here are some easy ways to reduce your stress and start feeling a whole lot better!

  • Go for deep breath that reduces the amount of cortisol, in turn releasing stress and anxiety.
  • Meditation helps the brain and gives the mind a well-needed break.
  • Retreat yourself with a happy memory of a time when makes you feel good.
  • Exercise help in releasing anger and frustration reducing anxiety.
  • Listen to relaxing musical pieces that can alleviate stress by activating bio-chemical mechanisms in the brain responsible for controlling the amount of stress.
  • The breathing techniques and physical activity of yoga help in fighting against anxiety.
  • A quiet walk can do wonders for stress.
  • A straight talk with your loved one, maybe it’s a partner, a great friend or a relative, can do wonders with the stress.
  • Take a break; go for aromatherapy and a long, pampering massage.
  • Have a pet, write a diary and a nap in the afternoon would help your body balance its hormones and release stress.
  • Have tea, chew gum and go for laughing sessions to release endorphins that significantly reduce the levels of stress in the body and definitely take time for you.
  • And the most important, believe in you.

Source: Bamail


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