2021 Marks Record LNG Imports For This Country


  • In December, Excelerate began natural gas deliveries at the Bahia Regasification Terminal in Salvador, Bahia.
  • Excelerate’s 173,400-m3 FSRU Excelerate Sequoiaprovides regasification capacity of up to 700 million cubic feet per day (mcfd).

A recent news article published in the Riviera states that record LNG imports for Brazil in 2021.

Regasification services at Petrobras’ LNG terminals

Excelerate provides regasification services at Petrobras’ LNG terminals in Bahia, Guanabara Bay and Pecém.

A fourth Brazilian regas facility, GNA’s Porto do Acu LNG Terminal, uses the FSRU BW Magna with a regasification capacity of 21 mcmd and a storage capacity of 174,000 m3.

Additional projects are in the works. In November, Brazil’s Eneva signed an exclusivity and co-operation agreement with Servtec Investimentos e Participações to develop an LNG terminal at or near the Port of Itaqui in São Luís, Maranhão.

Eneva has exclusive rights to the project

FID on the terminal is subject to financial, licensing and other authorisations.

Eneva has exclusive rights to the project until 30 December 2022. After that date, it will have the right of first refusal until 30 December 2023 to develop, manage and operate the LNG terminal with Servtec through a joint venture.

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Source: Riviera


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