21 Containers Fell into the Sea After Two Ships Collide


On March 19, a boxship collided into an another which resulted in multiple containers falling off the vessel.

What happened?

The Hapag-Llyod’s container vessel ‘Tolten’ collided with another vessel ‘Hamburg Bay’ at the Karachi port in Pakistan.

Containers fell into Sea

The dramatic collision showed multiple containers falling into the sea after the vessels collided with each other.

The container vessel Tolten scraped against the stationary Hamburg Bay as it was berthing, dislodging the containers stowed on its left side and sending them into the water.

Retrieving The Containers

A special operation has been launched to pull out the fallen containers from the sea. More than 20 containers loaded on the ships fell into the seawater due to the collision, with the wreckage spread over a vast area.

Maritime security vessels arrived on scene to assess damage and respond to the casualty.

Luxury cars damaged

It was reported that multiple shipping containers “full of imported cars” and other freight were damaged.

At least 21 containers fell into the sea after two ships collided at the Karachi port. Operations at the South Asia Port Terminal Limited (SAPT) were suspended following the collision of Hapag-Lloyds ship Tolten with Hamburg Bay.

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