220 Litres Of Hydrochloric Acid Got Spilt


According to Fire and Emergency New Zealand, a chemical spill at Port Otago was brought on by two burst drums.

Chemical Spill

About 220 litres of hydrochloric acid were reportedly spilled on a logging ship, according to Port Chalmers’ chief fire officer Stephen Hill.

He claimed that a log was dropped onto the ship and split apart two drums.

Firefighters were assisting with the spill clean-up and there were no injuries, he claimed.

A spokeswoman stated that at 5:28 pm on Saturday, Fire and Emergency reacted to a chemical spill on a vessel in Port Otago, Port Chalmers, close to Dunedin.

There were six fire trucks on the site.


Each of the two 220L drums was halfway full when they burst.

The Otago Regional Council is the owner of Port Otago.

At Port Otago in 2015, firemen successfully extracted a badly hurt worker through the window of a wrecked crane. While the operator assisted in unloading a ship, the straddle container carrier crashed to the ground.

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