23 Most Beautiful Small Towns Around the World


The world is big and beautiful. Gorgeous small towns aren’t particularly hard to find (though many do require quite a bit of effort to reach). Of all the lovely locales in every corner of the globe, some spots have a picturesque quality and presence that make them truly unmissable. It’s about that inimitable blend of scenic landscapes, striking architecture, and the way that culture permeates visually.

Many pint-sized destinations dazzle, but the little gems that take your breath away don’t come around as often. Popular picks like Portofino and Gordes draw tourists from around the globe, while others such as Shirakawa-go and Ilulissat fall into the unsung heroes category. Regardless of where these small towns sit on the notoriety scale, all are worth traveling even great distances to see with your own eyes.

An article in Travel and Leisure lists out 23 most beautiful small towns around the world.

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Source: Travel + Leisure


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