233 Kilos of Cocaine Seized Aboard Mega Box Ship



The Story:

On November 26, a ship docked at Santos port, Brazil was found in possession of 233 kilos of cocaine.  The drug consignment was stashed inside containers which were loaded with charcoal bags.  The ship was identified as ‘Cap San Artemissio’ belonging to a company in Hamburg.

What Happened:

The drug peddlers reportedly approached the vessel berthed at Santos by boats from the seaside.  The charcoal bags containing cocaine were hoisted onto the vessel with the help of people present aboard the vessel and then finally concealed inside containers.


Nuts & Bolts:

Apparently, no one was arrested during this incident.  However, few dockers and stevedores were interrogated.  The local authorities have confirmed the possibility of an insider crew involvement with the drug peddlers.

Gimme Some Background:

As of November 28, the ship was still held at Santos and will be detained until a further investigation is launched to undermine the cause of the crime.  The container ship was on its way to Antwerp when it was seized.

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