25% Rise In Logistics Of Maersk Lines


According to an executive, breakeven Point increased by 25% for Maersk’s Ocean Shipping, according to an executive, says an article published in News Max.

Array of inflationary

According to a senior executive on Wednesday, a variety of inflationary pressures that will subside but not return to pre-COVID-19 levels have increased the breakeven point for logistics giant Maersk to carry goods and cargo by more than 25%.

Biggest container

“There will be a world where the disruptions, congestions and the inflation we have seen in air and ocean will abate,” Vincent Clerc, chief executive of Ocean and Logistics at the world’s biggest container shipping company told the Consumer Goods Forum’s Global Summit conference in Dublin.

“But the regression to the mean is not the regression to the mean that we had prior to COVID; it’s a different mean. The costs that we have to produce have significantly increased.”

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Source: News Max


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