25 Years Of WWW


Tim Berners-Lee of Switzerland had on 20 December 1990 turned on the world’s first website.  The site was used internally by CERN scientists until the whole server was opened up to anyone with an Internet connection in August 1991.


There are now more than 4 billion webpages and just under a billion domains, but none are quite so special as the pages that started it all.


Produced by Martijn Koster at CERN in 1993, Aliweb was the world’s first search engine  and had a relatively short lifespan.


Amnesty International was the first website to get launched in 1994.


Who knows where the World Wide Web is headed in the next 25 years, but one thing’s for sure – Tim Berners-Lee will always be cooler than all of us.


Source: Science Alert