MEYER WERFT to Build Disney Wish-Class Cruise Ship for Oriental Land Company


In a significant development for Papenburg as a shipbuilding hub, MEYER WERFT has been commissioned by the Oriental Land Company (OLC) to construct a Disney Wish-class cruise ship for the Japanese market. Bernard Meyer signed the shipbuilding contract today in Tokyo, marking a major milestone. The new ship is scheduled for delivery in 2028, with OLC, which operates Disney theme parks in Japan, expected to commence its operation by early 2029.

Introduction of Disney Cruises to Japan

The Oriental Land Company has decided to enter the cruise business in Japan and has partnered with Disney to introduce the magic of Disney cruises to the Japanese market for the first time. This venture represents a significant expansion for both OLC and Disney, bringing a unique cruise experience to new audiences.

Significance of Papenburg Shipbuilding

“I am very happy to sign this contract today and win OLC as a new customer from Japan. This order contributes to the long-term development of shipbuilding in Papenburg,” said Bernard Meyer. This order is a testament to the expertise and quality of MEYER WERFT’s shipbuilding capabilities and is expected to have positive implications for the local industry.

Continued Collaboration with Disney and OLC

Bernd Eikens, CEO of the MEYER Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “With this new order, we look forward to continuing our relationship with Disney and working with Oriental Land Company, which also has a long-standing relationship with Disney, as a new customer. This is a strong signal for shipbuilding in Papenburg and shows that companies from all over the world rely on the quality of MEYER WERFT.”

Previous and Upcoming Disney Wish-Class Ships

MEYER WERFT has a well-established relationship with Disney Cruise Line, having delivered the Disney Wish, the first ship in the Wish class, in 2022. The shipyard is also constructing two sister ships, Disney Treasure and Disney Destiny, scheduled for delivery in 2024 and 2025, respectively. This new project with OLC further solidifies MEYER WERFT’s reputation for building world-class cruise ships.

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