34 Refugees Drown in Aegean Sea



34 refugees drown in Aegean Sea while making their ways to EU.

At least 34 migrants and refugees, among them 15 infants and children, drowned on Sunday in the Aegean Sea, according to the Greek coast guard.  The deaths were the latest in a string of tragedies as thousands of refugees continue to make their way into Europe from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

The 34, which included four babies, six boys and five girls, died when their wooden vessel containing more than 125 people capsized on Sunday morning, about three miles east of the small island of Farmakonisi, close to Turkey’s coast.

68 others who were rescued were transferred to the island of Leros, where they received first aid in a hotel.

The search for more survivors continues amid inclement weather.  Local authorities said that the area was experiencing winds up to 7 on the Beaufort scale when the boat capsized.

According to the latest official estimates, more than 230,000 refugees have managed to brave the treacherous sea this year, while 2,700 have perished due to boat troubles or other factors.

The new tragedy coincides with Greece’s recent plea to the EU to take action to deal with the unprecedented number of migrants and refugees this year.




Credits – CCTV


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