39 MT of LSMGO Stolen From A Ship


ReCAAP reports state that the bunkers were stolen aboard an anchored vessel off the Chinese coast on 1st January.


The theft has happened only a few days after the announcement made by the vessel owner Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S (Norden) regarding the sale of the ship.  Nearly 39 metric tonnes of low sulfur MGO is reported to have been stolen from the vessel.

ReCAAP reports state that:

“While at anchor, the watchman while on roving patrol found the diesel oil storage tank port manhole cover nuts were off the stud bolts.  Tank sounding and quantity check was conducted and upon investigation, they found that about 39 metric tonnes of low sulfur MGO was stolen from the storage tank.”

Also, this is third such incident for the vessel owners in the Asian waters within last year.  Earlier incidents were:

  • On 5th October 2015, three perpetrators boarded the 50,000 dwt new build vessel in Indonesia.
  • Also, one such newbuild was boarded at around 6.30 a.m. local time which was located in the Sandakan anchorage in Malaysia.

Source: Recaap


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