4 Russian Helicopters Shot Down In 18 Minutes


  • Ukraine’s armed forces on Wednesday downed four Russian helicopters in 18 minutes in the south of the country.
  • Between 8.40am and 8.58am, anti-aircraft missile units of Ukraine’s Air Force managed to hit the Russian aircrafts, it was claimed.

A Telegraph news source states that Ukrainian forces ‘shoot down four Russian helicopters in 18 minutes’.

Combat work carried out

“Combat work was carried out on two more helicopters, so there is a high probability that the number of confirmed down helicopters will increase,” the Air Force said in a press release.

It was claimed one Russian helicopter, believed to be a Ka-52, crashed on territory recently liberated from Russian-backed militants, while the rest crashed behind enemy lines.

The helicopters were said to be “providing fire support to ground occupation troops in the southern direction” when they were gunned down.

The claims were partially confirmed by pro-Russian sources on the Telegram messaging app.

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Source: Telegraph


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