55 Kilos Of Cocaine Were Found Stashed Sailing Through Gibraltar

Credit: Colin Davis/Unsplash

The massive quantity of illegal drugs with a street value of almost €3 million was extracted from beneath the ship’s hull with the assistance of a local diving business by Gibraltar Customs agents, as reported by Olive Press.

Cocaine smuggling 

They discovered the two sizable bundles in the “sea chest” of the “Star Majesty” after learning about the attempted cocaine smuggling.

It is the second discovery of its kind in Gibraltar waters this year.

The crew was then questioned by customs officials.

They did not, however, provide them with “any basis to assume that the crew was engaged in this illegal operation or that the drugs were meant for Gibraltar,” according to a statement from HM Customs.

Assistance in forensics

The crime scene investigation team of the Royal Gibraltar Police was dispatched to process and inspect the recovered cocaine.

Following their examination, customs inspectors released the ship to continue its voyage.

Drug traffickers frequently use divers at specific important ports to attach the well-known Class A narcotic to ships.

The head of customs expressed his “great satisfaction” with this most recent operation.

He is incredibly proud of all the police that collaborated from their respective land, sea, and investigation teams to produce this important conclusion, according to the statement.

The agency is able to fight drug trafficking above and beyond its weight thanks to the measures put in place to stop this kind of activity.

Customs also acknowledged the RGP’s assistance with forensics.

It comes after the discovery of more than three times as much cocaine in the same location in February on another cargo ship.


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Source: Olive Press


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