55 of 216 Ships Detained Concerning CIC : Tokyo MoU Reported


Tokyo MoU has carried out a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Emergency Systems noting that a total of 216 ships were detained during the campaign, with 55 of these relating to the CIC topic, says a report published on their website.

Ship type CIC inspection

The highest number of CIC inspections relating to ship type were conducted on 2,773 bulk carriers, 1,276 container ships and 1,234 general cargo/multipurpose vessels.

CIC inspection on flag state

  • The greatest number of inspections were carried out on ships flying the flags of Panama with 1,942 vessels, the Marshall Islands with 729 vessels and Liberia with 720 vessels.
  • The flag State with the most CIC-topic related detentions was Panama with 20 inspections, followed by Liberia with 5 inspections, Marshall Islands with 4 inspections, and Vietnam with 3 inspections.
  • Of Tokyo MoU member Authorities, China and Japan conducted the most CIC inspections at 1,784 and 1,390 respectively.

According to the report, “It is recommended that Port State Control Authorities pay attention to the emergency fire pump and emergency generator condition because these two CIC items make up 58% of the total detentions.”

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Source : Tokyo-MoU



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