630 Tankers Have Changed Owners During 2022


About 630 tankers have changed hands during the year, significantly more than the 420 transactions, of the same period in 2021 and the 510 transactions in all of 2021, says an article published on Portnews.

Chemical tanker sector

The MR sector has the lion’s share with 218 vessels, 92 of them being over 15 years old.

The chemical tanker sector comes second with 125 transactions compared to 85 in the whole 2021 and at the third place is the Aframax/LR2 segment with 120 transactions in 2022 until now, 74 of them are vessels older than 15 years.

Less sales

The only size that has less sales this year compared to 2021 is the VLCC segment.

68 VLCCs have changed hands in 2022, which is 4 vessels less than the same period last year, 13 vessels less than the whole 2021, while 38 out of the 68 sold, are vintage vessels.

Tanker sector

Another interesting statistic about transactions on the tanker sector year to date are the 129 Ice class vessels that have changed hands (20.5% of all the tanker transactions YTD) compared to only 69 sales of ice class vessels the same period last year.

45% of ice class vessels sales in 2022 took place during the past three months.

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Source: Portnews


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