7 People Missing After Cargo Ship Sinks Off Indonesian


On November 25, seven crew members were reported missing from a cargo ship that sank off Sumbawa island, Central Indonesia.

What happened?

The cargo vessel ‘Multi Prima I’ which departed from Surabaya in East Java and was carrying construction materials and livestock feed to Waingapu in East Nusa Tenggara capsized due to billowing waves. There were 14 crew members onboard the vessel when the incident occurred.

Seven rescued

The Cahaya Abadi 208 ship located 28 nautical miles north of the ship rescued seven crew member and the other seven crew members were reported to be missing. A search is underway in central Indonesia for seven missing crew members

Search and rescue underway

Head of Mataram SAR office I Nyoman Sidakarya said, “We have deployed a SAR vessel this morning and it has reached the location of the incident but so far the operation has not resulted in anything. It was already two days since the incident happened when we received the report, but we will continue to scour the waters to look for the missing persons for seven days in accordance with our procedure”.

He further added, “According to the report, the ship was already drowned and nowhere to be seen when the seven crew members were rescued. They were floating as they were wearing life jackets”.

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Source: Gulf Times


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