9 Days After the Bulk Carrier Fire, Firefighting Continues


  • The fire-hit Almirante Storni bulk carrier was brought into the port of Gothenburg over the weekend.
  • Further, firefighting operations were performed to douse the ship’s cargo of timber continue, nine days after the blaze first started in a fore hold.

A Splash 247 written by Sam Chambers states that Gothenburg authorities continue work on fire-hit bulk carrier.

Operations underway to unload cargo

As well as dousing the fire, operations are underway to unload cargo.

Damaged goods have been loaded from the ship into open containers on the quay and then driven to Stena Recycling’s nearby recycling center.

Undamaged goods are being placed on the quay and loaded from there to barges next to the quay.

A good collaboration between all parties

”It is an impressive logistics operation that is going on right now, which is possible thanks to a very good collaboration between all parties involved,” said Elvir Dzanic, CEO of the Gothenburg Port Authority.

The Greater Gothenburg Rescue Service’s assessment is that the work of accessing the hotbeds in the cargo may continue for a few days.

The unloading of cargo is expected to last for about a week, according to the contracted salvage company T&T Salvage’s assessment.

There have been no official word yet on how the fire started.

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Source: Splash247


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