928 Maritime Accidents Were Reported In 2022!

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Notice: The main concept and persona of MB Daily are somewhat reminiscent of Ambulance Emergency Service – MB’s objective is to learn as soon as possible about maritime catastrophes affecting merchant marine ships. Only a few big accidents are tracked by MB in terms of their progression and results; the majority of reported events do not have their further developments tracked.


Even though they are known to MB, certain accidents aren’t listed, such as minor ferry mishaps or NUC issues that the crew resolved without the need for towing. Although the fisheries are generally watched upon, only serious mishaps are documented.

Month/YearNumber of AccidentsNumber Of ships lostFatalities /Kidnapped Crew
Dec 202282538
Nov 20228354
Oct 2022781046
Sep 202276316
Aug 202282217
Jul 202274532
Jun 2022711038+
May 202271523
Apr 202275511
Mar 20226956
Feb 202277355
Jan 20229049


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Source: Daily Trend