$950K Fine For Dumping Polluted Water Off Hawaii


The South Korean shipping company, owner of the oil tanker which dumped and polluted water into the ocean near Hawaii in February, was fined nearly $1 million, on Tuesday.  They pleaded guilty for failing to accurately record the dumping and for making false statements to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Ruling Highlights :

  • By law, ships are supposed to record the amount of bilge water they produce and are only allowed to discharge the bilge water if the oil content is no more than 15 parts per million.
  • A $200,000 of the fine will go to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to be used to protect Hawaii’s coral reefs.
  • The company will also be required to take part in a court-monitored environmental compliance program.

According to Ken Sorenson, assistant U.S. Attorney, the ship’s chief engineer circumvented the reporting requirement by building a bypass system that pumped the oily fluid directly into the ocean. The engineer, Jeung Mun, also pleaded guilty to a reporting violation.

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Source: Hawaii News Now‎


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