A Camera To Reduce Ship’s Crew Working Hours


A high-tech camera has been developed by Japan’s NYK Line and Monohakobi Technology Institute – that can “automatically photograph” the inside of a ship engine’s combustion chamber.

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Features of Kirari NINJA and its effects –

1.    Capable of taking photographs in all directions:

Equipped with a 360-degree panoramic camera and LED lighting, the device can take photographs in all directions inside the dark combustion chamber.

2.    Alleviation of workload:

Because the crew does not need to enter the hot combustion chamber, the device significantly alleviates the crew’s work burden.

3.    Contribution to safe operation and cost reduction:

Allowing accurate and precise monitoring of the interior of the combustion chamber makes it possible to implement timely maintenance, thereby preventing engine accidents and reducing maintenance cost.

The high-tech camera called as “Kirari Ninja” whose patent is still pending, was developed with an aim to reduce ship’s crew long working hours.  Almost at every port, there are inspections, services, stores, spares, bunkers and many more added with maintenance of the engines.  These high-tech cameras will capture accurate combustion chamber images, which is a space known for its “Poor lighting and high temperatures”.

The high-tech camera was created as part of NYK Line’s “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan, which promotes work efficiency and encourages “the development of technologies to maintain safer and more efficient operations”.

The Kirari Ninja is a 360-degree panoramic camera that uses LED lighting to take photos of the chamber’s interior.  According to NYK Line, “by installing the device on the upper part of the piston in the combustion chamber, photographs in all directions of the interior can be taken during one round of vertical piston movement (approximately 10 minutes).  Consequently, the crew’s workload can be dramatically alleviated.  Moreover, the photos make it possible to accurately and precisely view in detail the condition of the inner part of the combustion chamber”.

The firm added that the device allows for “accurate and precise monitoring” of the chamber’s interior; which “makes it possible to implement timely maintenance, thereby preventing engine accidents and reducing maintenance cost”.

Now the above news is flashed across all other websites, whereas MFAME team has went a step ahead to find out more.

You will be surprised to know about this.  Why NINJA?

NINJA – stands for No hands INside Just A camera.

Now have a look at the inside of the combustion chamber through the camera – 



  1. Great idea – excellent product that facilitate good and precise documentation of cylinder condition. In case of a 2-stroke engine I assume the camera is inserted through the scavenge air ports. In case of a trunk engine easy access is a problem unless the engine has exhaust valve cages. The engine makers technical staff such as field service engineers should be made aware the product exists. I can facilitate this happening……!


  2. cylinder liner inspection camera, this is good invention and with this camera if we can measure the liner wear with laser measure application cylinder liner assessment will be come easy and crew job of liner measurements can be avoided.
    Torsional vibration has developed any minor disorder in liner can easily be monitored in terms of resistance of piston rings on liners plus al bearings and disturbing forces on the rotating shaft can easily monitored Alpha Diagnostics Torsional vibration system.
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