A Car in a Cargo Ship Catches Fire



Accident: Fire
Vessel involved: Grande Marocco
Date: 2 October 2015
Location: Ports America ship terminal on the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor
Casualties: None

On 2nd October at 9:19 a.m., city firefighters responded to a fire on a cargo ship that was docked in Bayonne Harbor.

A car that caught fire on the Grande Marocco cargo ship docked at the Ports America ship terminal located on the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor was extinguished quickly.  This accident left only minimal damage said the Bayonne Fire Chief, Greg Rogers.

Upon arrival, firefighters learned that a 2011 Chevy Cruise, loaded on the ship along with other vehicles caught fire.  The blaze started in the Cruise’s engine compartment, the chief said.

The ship’s crew members were alert enough to use a fire extinguisher before firefighters arrived at the scene.

On investigation, it was found that an electrical short caused the fire in the car’s engine compartment.  Fortunately, the fire did not spread.

Source: New Jersey 


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