A Child With Autism Saves Teacher



A nine-year-old Heartland kid Brendon Garman saved his teacher Madonna two weeks ago when  she suddenly had an asthma attack during class.  She  was allergic to the fumes of the dry erase pen. Before Kenser could get to her desk and her inhaler, she passed out.

Brendon Garman saw it happening and quickly came to her rescue.  He opened her purse and took out her inhaler, gave it to his groggy teacher and saved her life.

He learnt it from a scene in the movie “Are We There Yet.”

Brendon has autism, something that usually affects communication and social skills.  But, autistic children, like Brendon, are full of potential and capable of incredible things like saving a life.  Notably, this is Autism Week.

Source: KFVS12