A Ferry Collided With a Cargo Ship Off Livorno



Accident type  : Collision
Vessels involved : A passenger ferry and a cargo ship.
Reason identified : Bad weather and strong wind
Location  : Livorno outer anchorage in Italy

A passenger ferry en route from Cagliari to Livorno faced an engine failure near the scene and called for assistance to berth at the port.  As the vessel was towed, due to bad weather and strong winds, the towing line broke and the ferry was adrift by the currents, waves and winds and collided with the anchored general cargo ship.

No serious damages happened to both the vessels.

The passenger ferry was anchored at Livorno outer anchorage and the passengers on board were transported to the shore with boats.  Bad weather poses a big hinderance on the rescue works.

Investigations to identify the cause of collision is underway.

Source: il Tirreno



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